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What's Interesting

Welcome to our fist 90 club points coffee. We are amazed by Bolivia Trapiche Java Natural to become first coffee that ever break 90 points boundary. 2 months ago we had a chance to try coffee from same producer Pedro Rodriguez which was Java Waliki Natural. It was an eye opening on how good Bolivia can be. Fast forward we begin to source our own Bolivia coffee and manage to get some of Pedro's coffee from another farm Trapiche.

Trapiche Java Natural is deep layering flavors with complex tropical fruits flavors. We tried lots Geisha, Pacamara or Sudan Rume but Trapiche Natural is just another league of coffee. We picked creamy fragrance like banana, strawberry milk chocolate and vanilla. On aroma sweet aroma like white wine and muscat keep hitting your nose. This coffee has progressive cup profile meaning it tastes better and different as it cools down. When it is warm this coffee has flavors of muscat, lemon sorbet and banana taste. The sweetness is keep lingering ang give a sensation ripe cherries. As coffee getting cold you will be amazed with strong lavendar taste and essence.

How To Brew

This coffee tastes great either high or low brew ratio. If you like creamy cup we recommend from 1:17 up to 1:20 brew ratio to give you really enjoyable creamy and comfort cup profile. Trapiche has lots of tropical fruits taste notes and we recommend you to use slightly coarser grind size if you want to enhance clarity of muscat taste notes. Try to avoid longer brew since we roast this coffee to make it more soluble. We recommend brewing time under 3 minutes to get all the best flavors that you can get from Trapiche natural. Happy brewing!