Coffee has a lot of hidden stories and hidden potential to be discovered. Under our guidance, we showcase how each factor in delivering the coffee has an impact on coffee quality.

During the cupping session, we discuss how coffee origin, varietal, processing, terroir, roasting, and brewing method play significant roles in creating a coffee taste profile.

The session will be held in Arkib's Roastery, Ibu Sawat, bringing you closer to take a look behind the scenes of roasting craftsmanship. We will also share our direct trade vision and goal when sourcing coffee from our coffee producer partners around the globe.

The coffee selection will feature interesting coffee tastes, including aromatic florals like flowers, fruity tropical fruits, or stone fruits. Sometimes some coffee has a sweet taste, like sweet chocolate, nuts, or caramel.

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Location: Ibu Sawat
Session: 11:00 a.m

This cupping session will accommodate a maximum of six people. The participant will be based on first come, first served.

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