Serving Arkib: Monet

Serving Arkib: Monet

Monet, painting the fabric of life in neighbourhood community, in Kuala Lumpur.


From a quiet street, Monet has transformed the whole street of Jalan J into a lively street, full of life and happiness. The cafe became a place where it became a public space as the heart of a community coming from mixed cultures, different backgrounds, and creative people. Passionate about serving the best to the community, Monet is serving specialty coffee, daily baked pastries, and comfort food for Melawati patrons.



Founded by Afiq Ashman in 2021, Monet is his brainchild to celebrate the Melawati neighbourhood spirit that always takes care of the community. Upon coming back to Kuala Lumpur from working overseas, he finally found his passion for creating a place where it would become a meeting place, not only for a cup of coffee but also a gathering place for like-minded people who shared the common value of enjoying a better life. It is not surprising when most Monet patrons come from multiple backgrounds, such as corporate, arts, engineering, music, designer, politician, or civil servant. 



Talking about Monet won't be complete without the details of the cafe experience. From friendly stray cats that charm any visitor to cool playlist music, local artisanal painting displays, and weekly market events, Monet captures a wide range of audience interest. The cafe is built to cater to different kinds of patron personalities, with the back of the cafe suitable for friend hangouts, the middle part suitable for couple or family dines, and the front part a nice place to wait to get coffee. Monet cafe design is a well thought layout design to cater to the lifestyle of the Melawati community.




Accompanying this experience, Arkib Coffee has been in full charge of curating freshly roasted coffee for Monet. Taking care of daily fix coffee with Abadi blend and seasonal single origin for weekly excitement, Arkib and Monet work hand in hand to ensure delivering the finest coffee drinking experience. Small retail packs roasted by Arkib for Monet are also available for those who want to bring the Monet drinking coffee experience back home.




Monet stands tall as one of the neighbourhood coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur that changed the way of life by incorporating specialty coffee culture into their lifestyle. From humble beginnings in Jalan J. Melawati, they look forward to serving more communities in the heart of city centre Kuala Lumpur. Monet will always be a statement of reward for delivering the best coffee shop experience to the community.



Visit Monet Jalan J

5443, Fasa, 6, Jalan J 9,

Taman Melawati, 53100,

Kuala Lumpur,


Open Saturday to Thursady, 8:00 am - 10.00 pm

Monet Jalan J servers Abadi blend on espresso

and seasonal single origin roasted by Arkib


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