About Arkib Coffee Roaster

Contemporary Coffee Crafter

Arkib Coffee Roaster began as a home coffee roaster in 2018 and is now a reputable micro coffee roaster located in the city center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded by professional Q-grader Helmi, Arkib ethically sources from multiple parts of the world through direct trade and a sustainable trade model. The core of the business is to deliver effortlessly good coffee to consumers while preserving high value in sourcing, roasting and serving specialty coffee to coffee consumers.

Adapting contemporary thinking, we value coffee not just as a commodity but also as an instrument that binds society together. Each coffee is crafted to deliver the objective of building the coffee culture in the community. From offering seasonal single origins that showcase the uniqueness of coffee taste profiles to serving staple in-house blends catering to coffee drinker necessities, Arkib takes pride in being a servant to the coffee community.

Shifting world trajectory through our perspective while enjoying coffee.

Ethically Sourcing

Carrying value throughout the supply chain has been a core theme in sourcing green coffee beans for Arkib. Through many years of our experience in sourcing coffee, we opted for two models of sourcing to ensure sustainability in delivering specialty coffee experiences. These two models are the core pillars of establishing Arkib as an ethically sourced specialty coffee roaster.

Our first model is direct trade which focuses on top specialty lots and working first-hand directly with coffee producers to improve coffee quality and preserve traceability and transparency. Our second model of sustainable trade is a joint effort with Falcon Coffee Trader to have sustainable coffee with added value such as social impact, environmental preservation, or local economic growth.

The Mothership

The new relocated roastery called 'Ibu Sawat' or Mothership is a central production of Arkib. Powered by a 1kg custom-made and 15kg Cogen roasting machine, we are offering seasonal single-origin and staple blend roasted coffee beans. Our new location also operates slow bar coffee, serving well-curated specialty coffee beverages ranging from hand-drip to espresso-based drinks.

The objective of Ibu Sawat is to deliver closer experience behind the scenes of manufacturing specialty coffee. We are conducting public cupping sessions every weekend to share details about the specialty coffee world. This includes tasting different kinds of coffee, their origins, processing methods, and exotic coffee varietals.

Fulfilling the demand of local neighbourhood needs, we also offer ready-packed roasted beans in-store. The offering will be changed on a seasonal basis to keep up with the nature of coffee production, which will change based on the harvest season. Ibu Sawat will always be the centre of the movement in Arkib to cultivate coffee culture among the community.