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The price and currency of the purchased item will vary depending on the country in which it is being shipped.

In order to ensure accurate pricing and delivery costs, the total final amount will be displayed during checkout.

Payment Method

We accept payment by online banking transfer through Billplz Payment. All credit cards, including Master Card, Visa, American Express, etc., can be used at checkout via Stripe. Please take note that only one payment is allowed for a single order.

If you are attempting to checkout and receive the following error message ‘transaction cannot be processed’ please contact your bank in order for them to authorize the transaction.

As an alternative, you may contact us, and we will be able to further assist in checking the latest order payment status. 

Personal Information

All information included when placing an order is confidential

We are using a secure system to ensure your information remains private and confidential.

For more information on our secure network please visit our Terms & Conditions section.