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Immortal Taste

Inspired by the local neighbourhood and coffee community, we embraced the crowd-favourite taste profile that got them through the day. Focusing on crafting a blend that delivers a soothing, refreshing, and comforting coffee experience, we created a harmonious blend of heavy chocolaty sweetness with a twist of mixed berry flavour.

The taste profile is so delightful and lovely to drink and easily enjoy by all kinds of ages. With a balance of cranberry fruitiness and chocolate garnache flavour. The body's medium and creamy texture gives the impression of enjoying dulce de leche. Such a comfort cup of coffee to enjoy alone or share with loved ones.

The Story

We developed this espresso as a baby step welcoming casual coffee drinkers into specialty coffee. While it is mainly driven by chocolaty sweetness, a lush natural Rwanda coffee character creates unique flavour tension. Adding complex cranberry flavour to chocolaty sweetness gives coffee a unique, prominent fruitiness that opens up new perspectives on enjoying coffee. This is a blend that consumers need, a coffee blend that is effortlessly tasty and friendly to use. 

    • Cupping Score 87.25pts

      peanut, creamy, white chocolate, cranberry, persimmon, walnut, blackberry, fig, berries jam

      jam fruits, plum, hibiscus, panela, strawberry, chocolate

      boysenberry, kiwi, fig, passionfruit, cranberry, blackberry jam, syrup, dried fruits, ripe strawberry, baker’s chocolate

      lingering, jam fruits, chocolaty finishing

      medium | citrus acidity, balance, complex

      medium high | juicy, balance, chewy

      well balance, structured, pointed

      red fruits sweetness with creamy and sweet body
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Our Mission

Connect coffee world through ethically sourced and hand crafted coffee

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