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There is nothing much better than buying directly from a farm and having access to converse directly with the producer. Working with Empus Said let us live a life of being a micro coffee roaster. Rather than go for traditional wet-hulled process coffee, Empus said he was exploring the potential of the honey process for his coffee.

Processing coffee at its origin is not as simple as written in a text book. The challenges of climate, location, facility, and harvest quality have been constant, especially for a small producer like Empus Said. When working on his new honey processing method, Empus Said implemented dry fermentation prior to the to the drying stage. This adds another layer of complexity and depth to the Sumatra coffee flavour.

After multiple seasons of tasting coffee from Empus Said, the honey process always comes on top. The complexity, depth, structure, and flavour composition showed the remarkable taste and flavour of honey-process Sumatra coffee. The coffee carries a gentle aroma of tropical fruits like watermelon and passion fruit, as well as mixed berries like cranberries and blueberries. The experience becomes more interesting when you can pick up watermelon, guava, soursop, and pam sugar flavours. The gentle bubblegum finishing just completed the whole experiment, enjoying fine Sumatra coffee. Empus Said did a great job producing such a delicious coffee.

The Producer

When talked about Indonesia coffee, Sumatra has always become main conversation of origin that producing one of the unique taste profile. Heavy body, earthy flavour and herbal aftertaste has been main character why it loved so much by many coffee lover. When sourcing coffee form this origin, we have particularly searching small producer that we going to work together for a long time.

What sets a coffee producer like Empus Said Estate apart is a huge coffee farm and a private processing wet mill. It allows them to have more control over farming practices and a better coffee processing facility. The wet mill is equipped with a ceramic tile fermentation tank and washing channel. This significantly contributes to more hygienic coffee processing and a cleaner coffee flavour.

The new generation spearheaded by Said Izeni has pave a new direction for Empus Said. While maintaining mainly production for traditional processes like wet-hulled, he is always eager to look for opportunities to carry out experimental coffee. His latest honey aerobic and natural anaerobic process expands the taste spectrum of Empus Said coffee. Moving forward, we are looking forward to working together with Empus Said to create more exciting coffee for coffee lovers.

    • Cupping Score 87.50pts

      rose, green tea, mango, honey, strawberry candy, syrup

      purple fruits, watermelon, bubblegum, cranberry, blueberry, pink watermelon

      passionfruit, cranberry, watermelon syrup, elderflower cordial, sunflower seed, blueberries, sparkling cola

      cranberry finishing, long, lingering

      medium | phosphoric acidity, complex, residual

      medium | honey, smooth, rounded

      complex, progressive, high flavour clarity, deep, pointed

      complex taste profile swing from bright phosphoric acidity to ward intense tropical fruits syrup flavour
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