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Sourcing Brazil coffee has never been more exciting with producers like the Araujo Reis family from Fazenda Salto. Implementing smart farming systems, such as integrated pest management systems to protect coffee from pests and diseases, and utilising solar power panels to power up milling stations, Araujo Reis is one of the smartest coffee growers we have ever known.

This natural yellow Bourbon lot was machine harvested and then separated by density and ripeness, with only perfectly ripe cherries being selected. From here, the coffee was left to dry on raised African beds for 28 days, being turned regularly until it achieved 11.35% moisture. Then the coffee is rested in wooden silos for 10 days before being milled, bagged, and taken to the cooperative for export.

The coffee showcases the impact of well-farming practices with its high sweetness and pointed flavour notes. We taste a wide spectrum of nuttiness in cookie dough and toasted hazelnut with a gentle blackberry fruitiness. comfortable and delightful Brazil coffee for any coffee lover.

The Producer

Fazenda Salto has been in the Reis family for 38 years. Dr. Fabio Reis, who trained and worked as a doctor, has nonetheless had coffee as an integral part of his life since childhood.

The doctor has nonetheless had coffee as an integral part of his life since childhood.Fazenda Salto is an 800-hectare farm run by Fabio and his sons, André and Juca. They are always striving to produce quality coffee by aiming at excellence. Fabio is constantly full of the importance of sustainability, the environment, and social issues that impact the farm.

They have embraced the emergence of specialty coffee by investing in modern technology andpractices. For example, they have installed new static drying boxes as well as built a stable of raised beds to produce high-quality lots. They have mapped out the farm, allocating different parcels of land to different processes and are always looking for the best result in the cup.

    • Cupping Score 85.00pts

      cookies, creamy, berries, baker’s chocolate, coconut, milky

      sarsaparilla, dried berries, baker’s chocolate

      walnut, blueberry, cherry, cola, chocolaty, cookies dough, toastez hazelnut, blackberry

      smooth, lingering

      medium low | citrus, blueberry fruitiness, sweet, smooth

      medium high | velvety, creamy, full

      pointed, well balance, structured, harmony flavour

      intense nuttiness with comforting blueberry fruitiness
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