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In 2022, we were fortunate enough to visit several famous Easy Java Indonesia coffee producers. From Argopuro Cooperative to Megasari Exotic Farm to Ijen Lestari, these are the household names of East Java Coffee, which produces top-quality Indonesian coffee. We drop by Banyuwangi to visit processing mill Ijen Lestari, spearheaded by Dandy Dharmawan.

Together with his family, Dandy was inspired to make a change to Indonesian specialty coffee by putting lots of effort into improving green bean coffee quality. Starting with selective cherry picking and sustainable coffee cherry buying prices, he also implemented strict cherry sorting and a meticulous fermentation process. The Ijen Lestari mill is fully equipped with a proper segregation processing area, clean fermentation space, green bean defect sorting, and a temperature-controlled storage room. These give advantage to Dandy to keep his coffee quality on top quality for all year around.

This particular lot went through a 72-hour washed anaerobic process where selective cherries picked and pulped went through barrel-sealed fermentation. This fermentation condition deepens the East Java flavor and also adds a new dimension to the flavor profile. The Ijen Lestari processing center is equipped with a proper drying station that helps to create flavor uniformity. We taste complex floral and fruity flavors ranging from orange blossom to muscat grape, guava, blueberries, and thyme. Dandy definitely delivers on the expectations of the young coffee generation.

The Producer

"Pengolahan Kopi Swadaya - Ijen Lestari" (Self-Subsistent Coffee Processing - Ijen Lestari). Lestari means sustainable. Dandy returned to his hometown Banyuwangi, East Java, to set up this washing station. He also hoped to create employments for the local people. Dandy builds Ijen Lestari with a vision to empower local human resources in order to improve their social welfare, self-subsistent coffee processing, and sustainable local employment. He also recently began to help the workers to better manage their financials by setting up bank accounts for them.

Dandy built a Ijen Lestari family which emphasizes sustainability in coffee processing itself, the involvement of the people around him is not just an annual transaction that is only needed when harvest season work arrives, but Dandy also builds a good financial management system for the pickers and farmers involved in Ijen Lestari to improve the welfare of the people and farmers involved in the self-help processing.

Dandy spent countless hours on researches on post harvest processes and development through in-depth literacies, and applies them on his operation. He sets his sight on a mission: to produce a consistently high cupping score coffee from year to year. He also dreams to build his own coffee lab where he could spend hours of researches during off-season.

    • Cupping Score 88.75pts

      coffee blossom, orange blossom, muscat grape, yellow cherry, panela, honeydew, cedarwood, mixed berries, blueberry

      mixed berries, muscat grape, grape syrup, blueberries

      vanilla, floral, coffee blossom, sweet candy, lemon, muscat grape, milk tea, soft bubblegum, mixed blueberries, purple grape, dills, oat milk

      clean, lingering, silky

      medium | citrus acidity, soft, smooth, rounded

      medium | velvety, silky

      layering, pointed, progressive, balance

      clean, floral, fruity, well balance berries East Java coffee
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