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Fruits Bomb

Our direct trade program with Indonesian coffee producers opens up the opportunity to source the finest gem from local terroir. Back then, we were searching for fruity, clean, and well-balanced natural Indonesian coffee. It was such a challenge since Indonesia is located in a tropical climate region, which makes it more difficult to produce natural-process coffee.

Luckily, we met a young coffee producer from Kerinci, Pak Aziz, who manages the small coffee cooperative Rukun Saudara Tani. Located at the foothills of Mount Kerinci, most smallholder farmers grow arabica coffee on fertile soil, which gives Kerinci such a unique flavour to enjoy. Pak Aziz bought and processed all the cherries from nearby smallholder farmers and used different types of processing methods, such as natural, lactic, and anaerobic.

This classic, natural-process Kerinci coffee is a mind-blowing coffee experience. It produces a well-rounded flavor, a clean tropical fruit taste, and a clean aftertaste. The intensity of the intensity of the berries gives the impression of drinking a bubblegum tropical fruit sensation with cocoa nibs finishing. When mixed with milk, Kerinci Za opens up a strawberry milk flavor spectrum that instantly leaves the impression of excellent Indonesian specialty coffee. This is such an enjoyable natural Indonesian coffee to drink.


The Producer

Sumatra is a blessed land, growing one of the finest arabicas in Southern Asia. What makes it even more interesting is the scale of coffee production that covers the northern and southern parts of Sumatra Island. There is a particular coffee growing region that really attracts us as coffee buyers, which often gives us the perception that coffee quality is close to Panama coffee. This tasting experience led us to buy coffee directly from Kerinci, Jambi, and West Sumatra.

Rukun Saudara Tani, established by Abdul Aziz Thohari, is no longer a stranger in the local or international specialty coffee scene. Operating at the foothills of Mount Kerinici, Rukun Saudara Tani is a small cooperative processing coffee cherries that come from smallholder farmers around Mount Kerinci. Pak Aziz is mainly responsible for monitoring coffee processing, farm management, and quality control checks.

After years of dedication, Pak Aziz finally landed his first achievement by winning the Cup of Excellence COE competition, first held in Indonesia in 2022, with lactic natural process coffee. This achievement continues with winning first place in the KKSI (local version of COE) competition in the fully washed coffee category with anaerobic washed coffee. After 4 years of working together, we are happy to keep offering the finest coffee produced by Rukun Saudara Tani.

    • Cupping Score 88.50pts

      grapefruit, dried fruits, mixed berries, grape, milk candy, blueberries syrup

      prune, blueberry syrup, soursop, plum, pain aux raisins

      purple grape, pain aux raisins, agar wood, mixed berries, blueberries, lavender, soursop

      fruity finishing, grape, berries aftertaste

      medium acidity | phosphoric, citrus acidity mixed berries, complex

      medium high, velvety, smooth, full

      harmony, deep, layering, pointed, harmony, elegant, high flavour clarity

      complex mixed berries taste profile, sweet syrupy and lingering raisin aftertate
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