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Little Things

恵子/ Keiko - words in Japanese symbolize flowers and blessing nature perfectly to capture the unique essence of specialty coffee. Blending this element into coffee, Keiko is a simple blend that delivers happiness to every single coffee drinker.

The creation of the Keiko blend started from our imagination, enjoying the natural sweetness of natural process coffee that brings us closer to enjoying the taste of natural fruits. Combining the bright fruitiness and acidity of the fully washed process, the Keiko blend is a world of floral aroma, harmony, flavor, and a comforting drinking experience.

The Story

This is a is a prime example of when you pair the best ingredients to create a memorable cup of coffee. Started with the elegant natural flavor of raw natural process Ethiopian coffee and paired with bright fruity washed Rwandan coffee, it creates a beautiful chemical reaction that presents you with a full  aromatic aroma, smooth texture, and delightful herbal aftertaste. The aromatic aroma reminds us of fresh green geranium, perfectly capturing the uniqueness of natural Ethiopian coffee. While the red fruit signature of Rwandan washed coffee boosts the classic orange blossom taste and sensation, Keiko stands out on your first sip. Once you pair it with milk, Keiko opens up a new sensory dimension with the taste of rose milk candy and barley sweetness.

We develop Keiko as the pinnacle of the enjoyment of being a specialty coffee drinker. Sensational floral, oriental taste profile with a sweet berry finish. Keiko is always going to be a symbol to cherish good things in our lives.

Our Mission

Connect coffee world through ethically sourced and hand crafted coffee

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