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Morning Glory

In the fast-paced world of modern city life, coffee is more than just a beverage. It becomes a daily necessity in the morning to fuel up our body and soul while chasing ambition. Inspired by this experience, we created Pae'rgi Blend, which is a shortform of 'Pergi Pagi' in Malays to welcome and embrace the morning spirit and achieve our dream.

Pae'rgi is a straight-forward blend, a combination of two fully washed coffees with the distinct character of clean coffee and high flavour clarity. The combination of Guatemala Las Moritas and Uganda Zebigi produced a broader, harmonious flavour that easily accommodated the preferences of general coffee drinkers. Therefore, Pae'rgi Blend serves its purpose of being more connected with a wider audience and a companion to coffee drinkers.

The Story

The taste profile is clean, well balanced, pointed, and harmonious. We really love how the classic syrupy Guatemalan sweetness and body complement the light tones of Uganza Zebigi. The medium roast created a mouthwatering texture like butterscotch and pudding, which paired very well with any pastry in the cafe or coffee shop. The citrus sweetness is moderate, reminding us of the fresh bite of clementine.

We develop Pae'rgi as a pairing for the Abadi blend. While the Abadi blend was introduced to welcome common people to specialty coffee, Pae'rgi is a blend to accommodate city life. Clean flavour, harmony in taste profile, and excellent aftertaste have been our focus in creating Pae'rgi. This blend is always going to be one of our most memorable coffees since it was last profiled by Helmi (Arkib Rasmi CEO) before he departed from his role as head roaster.

    • Cupping Score 86.25pts

      pudina, sticky pudding, mango, peach syrup, hazelnut, cocoa

      kuih bingka, caramel, mango, honeysuckle, floral

      floral, white flower, roasted hazelnut, honey, chrysanthemum, sticky pudding, honey stars, clementine

      coating, lingering

      medium | citrus acidity, soft, well balanced

      medium high | full, velvety

      pointed, structured, composed, focus, well balanced, high flavour clarity

      very sweet and complex texture coffee. delicate and soft fruity flavour
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