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Rarely spoken but emerging as one of the promising futures for specialty coffee. Introducing coffee from Cajamarca, Peru, grown and produced by promising talent Sujeily Vasques. Enjoy a clean, well-balanced, pointed, and harmonious coffee flavour is now a mantra for Peruvian coffee.

A country like Peru is always known for being a cheap, mass-produced, and reliable source for commodity coffee. Falcon changed the narrative of Peruvian coffee by having a ground team involved in supporting smallholder farmers like Sujeily Vasques in terms of coffee farming practices, financing, and helping find a market for them to sell the coffee.

This is our first sustainable trade coffee purchased through Falcon Coffee, and it reflects our efforts to work together to deliver specialty coffee to coffee consumers. El Zorzal coffee has a pointed citrus flavour like sun-dried orange with undertones of flowery notes like chrysanthemum. The creamy, rounded, and velvety texture gives the sensation of fudge chocolate sweetness with a bittersweet chocolate aftertaste. Definition of the best full-washed Peru you can ever get.

The Producer

Sujeily Vasquez is a young professional producer, with entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, who has been working for 4 years dedicated to the cultivation of coffee. The farm “El Zorzal” is located in the Alto Shimanilla sector, 5 minutes from the District of Chirinos with an altitude of 1680masl. “El Zorzal” is a native bird of the Andes of Peru, and which is found exclusively in this area of the District of Chirinos. The farm has a range of coffee varieties such as Bourbon, Pache, Caturra and Catimor. There is a diversification of shade, native and exotic plant species on teh farm that promote sustainability and resilience against climate change in recent years.

Sujeily’s coffee is harvested, sorted by quality and density and washed and pulped. After pulping the coffee goes through a 42-hour fermentation process. After fermentation is finished, the coffee is washed and dried for between 12 and 18 days in solar dryer. Once dry, the coffee is stored in plastic bags on pallets.

The coffee is then taken to the Falcon Coffees warehouse, in Jaén, at a distance of 4 to 5 hours from the farm. Once the coffee arrives at the warehouse it goes through a quality filter after this process is taken to the drying mill Selva Norte which is located 10 kilometers from the warehouse. Here the green coffee is classified and packed in airtight bags that guarantee quality until reaching its destination. After this process it is taken to the port located in Paita Piura, a journey of approximately 8 -10 hours, and once the coffee arrives at the port it goes through a phytosanitary control before being loaded in containers to be sent to its final destination. Shipping takes between 15 to 60 days, depending on your destination.

    • Cupping Score 86.25pts

      hazelnut, white chocolate, sweet cocoa nibs, kerisik, roasted plum, muberry, wild berries, dehydrated grape, kumquat, sultana raisin

      chrysanthemum, caramel, sugarcane, apricot, floral, chocolate syrup

      bittersweet chocolate, sun dried orange, pear, apricot, chrysanthemum, barley, floral, freshly baked bread, white chocolate

      chocolaty and clean finishing

      medium | citrus acidity, lively, balance, crispy, pear

      medium high | creamy, rounded, velvety

      layering, pointed, harmony, structured, good flavour composition

      very clean, good citrus oriented flavour with comforting body and texture.
    • Roasting Schedule

      Retail Order

      Roasting on every Tuesday & Thursday

      Delivery on same day

      Cafe Partner Order

      Roasting on every Thursday

      Delivery on next day
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