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The African continent is full of specialty coffee potential, and Rwanda is included in this conversation. We rarely source Rwandan coffee due to the complex nature of traceability and transaparency. Through our sustainable trade partnership with Falcon Coffee, we are able to land our hands on one of the Gitega Hills, which is considered one of the best washing stations in Rwanda.

This particular lot undoubtedly showcases why Rwanda is the closest competitor to any fully washed coffee that comes from the African continent. With a distinct red fruit flavour, Rwanda has a unique, striking fruitiness that instantly awakens your palate sensation on the first sip. The soft cranberry taste, paired well with the heavy brown sugar sweetness, delivers the perfect origin flavour. The local flavour, such as apam balik, is more noticeable at a slightly cooler temperature, making Gitega coffee a bit unique for conventionally washed coffee.

The Producer

Just 12km from neighbouring Bwenda in the Cyanika sector and slightly higher up, adjacent to a disused quartz quarry, sits Gitega Hills. Slightly larger than Bwenda, Gitega covers an area of around 6 hectares and is near the small town of Miko. Gitega is the name of the surrounding land cell. A cell is a smaller area within a larger sector, within a larger region or province.

Established by RTC in 2016, the station has been managed since then by Alex. Everyone who works at Gitega is from the local community, and he feels that the station plays a valuable and positive role in the area for the work it provides. He was also excited to tell me that the good rainfall the area had experienced during the harvest pointed to great quality for the 2022 season’s yields. Gitega employs 150 people, including 11 permanently, with the rest being seasonal workers. 90% are women.

1040 farmers contribute cherry to Gitega’s annual production, and in 2016, they processed 400 tonnes of cherry. At the time of our visit, they had already hit 500 tonnes, with the expectation of hitting 700 before they stopped processing for the season. The farms all lie between 0.5km and 7km away and are serviced by 33 different cherry collection points. On average, the contributing farms grow just 400 trees (1 hectare). Additionally, the station provides farmers with organic EM2 compost, which consists of recycled cherry pulp from the station along with some animal manure. All 1040 farmers using Gitega have completed or are current participants in the ATP.

    • Cupping Score 87.25pts

      toffee, black tea, dried flower, rooibos tea, bell fruits, peach, chamomile syrup

      chamomile, honey, nectar, cashew, pomelo, red fruits, cranberry

      chamomile, red fruits, blueberry, cranberry, brown sugar, apam balik, bell fruits

      clean, silky, fruity finishing

      medium | citrus acidity, rounded, soft, clean

      medium high | full, coating, heavy

      pointed, high flavour clarity, harmony, well structured

      excellence washed Rwanda with rounded red fruits acidity and full body texture
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      Roasting on every Tuesday & Thursday

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      Roasting on every Thursday

      Delivery on next day
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