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  • The Joy of Terroir Taste

    Terang-SO is Arkib initiative to invite coffee lover enjoying the delicious specialty coffee by offering freshly roasted light roast coffee. We believe the origin and processing flavour will preserve through light roast and elevate your coffee experience.

    Every month Arkib head green buyer Helmi will personally source and select 2 different types of coffee to feature for Terang-SO subscription. Our selection will offer 2 type of coffee which is competition level coffee and comfortable daily drink coffee. 

    After offering Terang-SO subscription for few season, we are heading to direction offering coffee with much better clarity and represent terroir character. Picking the best selection from each origin we are focusing more on coffee selection that can perform well with the way we roast the coffee.

    Our next month selection featuring from well respected coffee producer Volcan Azul in Costa Rica and Gitega Hill washing station in Rwanda. Both are reputable name producing consistent and high quality specialty coffee on every season. We picked hybrid H-1 varietal from Volcan Azul and fully washed from Gitega Hills to capture essence coffee flavour that influenced by coffee variteal and processing method. This is where the uniqueness of specialty coffee well presented in taste profile.
  • Subscription Schedule

    Order due date:28/02/2023
    Delivery: 05/03/2024
    Please take note Terang Subscription will be charged on every 30th of month. Any order placed after 30th will be carry forward on next cycle of subscription.

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Costa Rica Volcan Azul H-1

Costa Rica in general is known for being a micro-mill producer and specialising in exotic coffee varietals. Beside that, small-batch coffee production allows them to have more room to carry out various fermentation techniques, which appeal to micro-coffee roasters. Alejo Castro is no stranger to this field and has been growing a wide range of exotic coffee varietals at Volcan Azul. H-1 is among the coffee varietals grown in Volcan Azul and excellently performs with local geography and microclimate. This particular lot was processed as a natural process, where picked red cherries were carefully sorted and dried on the patio, capturing the terroir flavour.

H1 is a first-generation (F1) hybrid originating from a cross between rust-resistant T5296 and the Ethiopian landrace variety Rume Sudan. It is resistant to coffee leaf rust, has a very high yield, and shows potential for exceptional cup quality. F1 hybrid parents are typically chosen to be genetically distant from one another to maximise what is called hybrid vigor. This translates to high yields and overall vitality (for example, tolerance to frost), without reductions in cup quality or disease resistance. There are only a handful of F1 hybrid coffee varieties in the world—most of which were developed in the last ten years and only recently made commercially available to farmers.

Cupping Notes : Raisins, Strawberries, Pears, Brown Sugar

Rwanda Gitega Hills Lot 140

The African continent is full of specialty coffee potential, and Rwanda is included in this conversation. We rarely source Rwandan coffee due to the complex nature of traceability and transaparency. Through our sustainable trade partnership with Falcon Coffee, we are able to land our hands on one of the Gitega Hills, which is considered one of the best washing stations in Rwanda.

Under Rwanda Trading Company (RTC), Gitega Hills was opened and operated in 2016 and employs 150 people, including 11 permanently, with the rest being seasonal workers, 90% of whom are women. It covers an area of around 6 hectares and is near the small town of Miko. The washing station collects and processes red cherries from smallholder farmers. The Gitega Hills also go further by providing farmers with organic EM2 compost, which consists of recycled cherry pulp from the station along with some animal manure. The symbiosis between processors and farmers ensures sustainability and longevity in producing specialty coffee.

Cupping Notes : Red Berries, Nectarine, Grapefruit/span>


a) When do you send out Terang-SO subscription

We send out our Terang Subscprition on every first or second week of the week month.

Plese refer to above roasting date schedule

All orders will are sent using J&T or Gdex courier shipping. Please take note delivery will take depend where you live. Normally it will take 1-3 working days ( a little longer for remote location).

b) What kind of changes i can made once i subscribe

After you signed up you and you will be set up with subscription account where you will able to update or change:

- Your address

- Your payment method

- How we send your coffee (whole bean or ground for specific brew method)

You also able to 

- Skip delivery (incase if you need coffee break)

- Cancel your subscription any time

c) I don't have grinder, can you pre-grind my coffee.

Yes can help to grind your coffee accodring to specific rbew method. Please leave note at checkout page and our team will process your order accodringly.

d) Can i get my coffee roasted for both filter and espresso brew method.

Our coffee is an omni roast coffee which is suitbale for espresso and filter brew method. Slightly dial in on espresso might required to give balance espresso taste.

c) How do i cancel my subscription

Simply login to your account and click MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS under 'Terang-SO Subscriptions'. Select the subscription you want to cancel and on the next page click on the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button which is located at bottom of page. From there tell us why you are cancelling and then submit.

d) My subscription has payment error

Don't worry, the subscription payment system will attempt recharge on the next day. Please contact us through email of website messenger if you still encounter same issue.

e) I can't log in into my account. I forget my log in ID and password.

If you’re unable to log in, and you’re getting an ‘invalid email address’ message, it’s possible you made a spelling mistake when you signed up. If you are forgotten your password, you may reset your password by enter your email.

If you wouldn’t mind emailing us with your full name, address and telephone number, we’ll take a look at your account and make sure everything is entered correctly and help you to reset the access ID.

Our Mission

Connect coffee world through ethically sourced and hand crafted coffee

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