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Red Rainbows

It took us another 4 years to get Rwanda back into our selection. This year, we work together with Falcon on a sustainable trade programme featuring sourced coffee that has a positive contribution towards local society. Our latest coffee offering comes from a Kirambo washing station owned and run by Rwanda Trading Company (RTC).

Coffee has been the center of life in African countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, etc. For Rwanda, it is uncommon to see natural processes due to the nature of trading. Most of the coffee is processed and exported as a fully washed process since it is a much safer way to trade commercial coffee.

This is a good example of how a company like Rwanda Trading Company changed the course of the Rwanda coffee industry. This coffee is a natural process lot produced by the Kirambo washing station. The meticulous processing and strict quality control by RTC make this lot such an outstanding natural coffee that captures the whole potential of Rwandan coffee.

The natural process unlocked the hidden quality of Rwandan coffee. This particular lot has a taste of complex cranberry, dried fruits, fig, dark cacao, and a chocolaty finish. It is unnecessarily fruity and sweet coffee, make a specialty coffee worth drinking.

The Producer

The small town of Kirambo sits on Lake Kivu’s eastern shore in the Kibuye region, within Rwanda’s Western Province. The washing station covers a 6 hectare area and sits on the lake side, looking west to Congo. Established in 1999, RTC took ownership in 2017 employing 7 full-time and 40 casual staff during the harvest. 95% of staff at Kirambo are women, including Esperance, the accountant, and Florence, the main field officer for the station who works to support the farmers of Kirambo with their participation in RTC’s training program.

500 farmers contribute cherry to the station that produces exclusively natural processed lots, with an annual average production of 300 tons. Average farm sizes are 300 trees only (less than 1 hectare) with some farmers owning as a few as 50 trees amongst their other crops. All the farms lay within 3km of the station. Many farmers are able to delivery cherry themselves as the station is so close to the farms, and some who have less mobility will have their cherry collected from the station’s site collectors.

    • Cupping Score 86.25pts

      cacao, berry jam, prune, dark chocolate, fig

      spices, cranberry, red raisin, walnut, strawberry syrup

      walnut, white chocolate, dulce de leche, red fruits, cranberry, strawberry syrup, golden kiwi

      coating, chocolaty finishing

      medium | citric acidity, complex, fruity, cranberry

      medium | balance, sweet, velvety, creamy

      structured, balance, harmony, well balanced, progressive

      creamy and nutty coffee taste with refreshing cranberry taste
    • Roasting Schedule

      Retail Order

      Roasting on every Tuesday & Thursday

      Delivery on same day

      Cafe Partner Order

      Roasting on every Thursday

      Delivery on next day
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