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The Coffee Garden

Uganda has been on our radar for a long time, and we have tried sources from a few origins but have not yet found any spectacular Ugandan coffee. Our friend Nas, who is working with Falcon Coffee, shared their story with local producer The Coffee Garden in Uganda, who is partnering with Falcon to produce specialty coffee.

Upon receiving the samples and cupping the latest harvest, we could not be more happy to land on this microlot of Ugandan coffee from Gombe village. The classic, fully washed, has an amazing light-toned dried coffee flower aroma, jammy marmalade flavour, and a smooth, buttery texture.

The Coffee Gardesn did azaming job processing this microlot. Freshly picked cherries are pulped prior to a pre-wash, a long soak in mountain spring water, then a
gentle forty-hour submerged fermentation. The coffee is then washed, any floaters removed, and transferred for skin drying on raised beds in the shade for 2-3 days.

After this, the coffee is put into a solar drier, where it will continue to dry for 10 days until it reaches between 15 and 25%, depending on the time of the season and local weather. At this stage, the coffee is then transported down the hill to theGardens drying yard in Mbale, where it is dried down for another 10 days to reach 11% moisture content,

The Producer

The stories begin when Dana, who just set up her shop in Prague, looks into sourcing coffee directly from origin. Together with her partner Michael and friend Michael, they begin looking into sourcing coffee from Uganda since Michael is from there too.

To their surprise, Uganda is still lacking in development for specialty coffee businesses, which led them to start a new initiative to improve Ugandan coffee quality. Together with Falcon, they started The Coffee Gardens, which is not only buying local coffee but also helping and supporting smallholder farmers in improving their coffee quality for a better price.

    • Cupping Score 85.75pts

      peach, marmalade, orange, longan, palm sugar, orange peel

      floral, yellow fruits, orange, marmalade, brown sugar, plum

      coffee flower, marmalade, orange jam, houjicha, palm sugar, black cherry

      smooth, clean

      medium | citrus, orange, marmalade, jam fruits type acidity

      medium high | round, balance, smooth, buttery

      pointed, strucutred, pointed, harmony, high flavour clarity

      super clean jammy flavour with buttery mouthfeel
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