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Ancient Heritage

Yemen is a 'lost' origin that holds the world's finest and rarest coffee. It was once said to be the actual coffee birthplace, producing the complex, sweet, and rarest-tasting coffee due to its unique geography and highland landscape.

Due to war and political conflict, sourcing and offering Yemen has become nearly an 'impossible' thing in these unprecedented times. After many years of trying our luck to find something transparent and traceable, we finally met the Jabal Bon estate, driven by a group of young men driven by passion and the desire to revive the Yemeni specialty coffee industry.

This microlot is the first successful shipment directly sent from Yemen to the Arkib roastery doorstep. It remarks on the history of our first Yemeni coffee direct trade. Small steps that mark big history in our history of sourcing the finest coffee in the world

words by Helmi, Arkib Green Buyer

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The Terroir & Maker

Yemen has the most unique geography and landscape to grow Arabica coffee. Compared to other regions, most Yemen coffee farms are located above 2000 msal. It is considered unique since Yemeni coffee can grow up to 2600 msal without any fear of coffee frost, which is a massive challenge for other producer countries.

Our latest Yemeni coffee sourced through Jabal Bon Estate came from Mohammed Al-Kahli’s farm, located in Western Haraz, Yemen. This is the first single farmer lot of natural anaerobic Yemeni coffee that we ever bought. Yemen has a strict rule for growing coffee, and they only implemented organic farming, which uses animal manures and organic compost.

The coffee showed a significantly different taste shaped by terroir and fine processing technique. The selected cherries fermented in a closed tank for 7 days. Since its processing centre is located at a high elevation of 2600 m, it allows for slow fermentation that produces a sweeter cup profile. Finally, it dried in the greenhouse for 15–20 days until it achieved the desired moisture level.

The coffee is an expression of the reward of hard work and passion. The fine aromatic berries and candy aroma give excitement to roasting the coffee. This falvour mainly focuses on the intense tropical fruit flavour and full character of mango, honeydew, cantaloupe, and strawberry. The lingering aroma of bubblegum gives the impression of a fine, natural Yemeni coffee flavour. Overall, this Yemen coffee is exceptional, with new hope for a brighter future.

The Producer

Jabal Bon Estate is located in the eastern Haraz region, west of the city of Sana'a. The coffee estate is a testament to the passion and dedication of a group of friends who left city life behind to restore their ancestors' identities as coffee producers and to revive the country's coffee identity.

The coffee estate is located at a record elevation of 2600 metres above sea level. The high altitude, combined with the region's unique climate and soil, provides the perfect conditions for growing high-quality coffee beans.

They began to revamp and revive the coffee farm land in 2020. Due to poor soil conditions, it took them 2–3 years to restore the land with organic fertiliser and crop rotation. The new coffee tree was planted in 2020 and is expected to be in full production by 2025.

Jabal Bon Estate stands as a testament to Yemen’s people's hard work and dedication. The coffee beans are of the highest quality and come with a unique flavour profile that can only be found in this region. It is not just a business but a symbol of their heritage and a tribute to their ancestors. In conclusion, Jabal Bon Estate is a product of our passion and dedication.

    • Cupping Score 90.00pts

      strawberry, pineapple, blueberry jam, dates, honeycomb, caramel, mango, cantaloupe, bubblegum, dried apricot, milk chocolate

      bubblegum, dates, peach, honeydew, mango, lemonade, dried apricot

      nectar, mango, honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, zuccini, perfume, strawberry, prune

      smooth, lingering, sparkling

      medium | citrus, phosphoric, berries, complex

      medium | round, smooth

      well balanced, structured, high flavour clarity, fine texture and flavour, progressive but stable taste profile

      super clean natural anaerobic coffee with fine flavour, intense fruity and high tropical fruits sweetness
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