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Vibrant Hue

Sourcing fine coffee from Colombia has never been easier when we team up with Colombia Coffee Hunter. Spearhead by Carolina, a Q grader and profound coffee buyer, has been intensively sourcing the best on each harvest throughout Colombia. One of the most discussed topics between us is Pink Bourbon, a coffee varietal that originated from a small department in Huila, Colombia.

The story begins on the small farm of a local farmer named Edgar Motta, who noticed there were odd-coloured cherries on his farm. The cherries have a colour combination mix of orange and yellow that gives them  pinkish look. The coffee surprisingly has outstanding coffee quality on the cupping table, and Edgar decided to cultivate this new varietal on a specific lot to avoid further coffee plant mutations.

Pink Bourbon is a natural mutation of the Bourbon coffee varietal that is famously known as a sweet type of coffee. Except it has a remarkable acidity quality that always gives coffee tasters the experience of enjoying bright and refreshing fruits like pomelo, grapefruit, or guava. Either through a fully washed or natural process, pink bourbon has a high level of sweetness that effortlessly delivers a well-balanced taste of coffee.

Our latest pink Bourbon coffee selection is sourced from the El Diviso farm owned by local sallholder farmer Arnulfo Hoyos Reyes. This is an exceptional example of a fully washed process that showcases the true potential of the Pink Bourbon coffee varietal. Clean flavour, pointed flavour, crisp acidity, and solid texture make Pink Bourbon an impeccable specialty coffee. This coffee comes in limited quantity, making the experience of enjoying good coffee memorable.

The Producer

Our approach to sourcing Colombian coffee is to promote high-quality coffee produced by small-holder farmers. Arnulfo Hoyos Reyes is a good example of how small producers can thrive in the specialty coffee industry. We are happy to discover this small producer and offer his pink bourbon to Arkib coffee drinkers.

Arnulfo's El Diviso farm is located in the Esperanza area, located in the city of Palestine, Huila Province. This small 3-hectare farm, located at an altitude of 1,733 metres above sea level, is planted with pink Bourbon and Geisha varieties. The red cherries were picked, pulped, and went through overnight wet fermentation. The coffee finally dried on a raised bed until it reached the desired moisture content.

    • Cupping Score 87.75pts

      pink guava, caramel, sweet nectar, flower, peach, pineapple, melon, honeydew

      pomelo, melon, lemon candy, grapefruit, white peach

      brown sugar, ginger flower, pomelo, grapefruit, sugarcane, caramel

      jammy finishing

      medium high | tartarich acidity, bright, fruity

      pointed, harmony, intense flavour, high flavour clarity, structured

      exotic ginger flower flavour, herbal and aromatic flower character, and bright acidity and fruitiness
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