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Subtle Floral

Colombia is blessed with all-year-round production, with two harvest seasons. The first Cosecha main harvest starts from October until February, and the second fly harvest starts from March until June. These two harvest seasons play a big role in generating stability in coffee production and also giving room for coffee produce to carry out experimental processing.

Combined with an excellent coffee varietal like Caturra, Maria chose a natural anaerobic processing method to give this coffee more flavour depth without compromising the taste by overfermenting. This particular lot went through 192 hours of natural anaerobic fermentation before being slowly dried on a raised bed for 2–3 weeks.

This particular lot stuns us with its prominent guava taste. The 120-hour natural anaerobic fermentation successfully pointed out the complex tropical fruit quality, like guava, which easily attracts any coffee lover's attention. Beside that, it also has the unique taste of snow fungus and French rose petal, which are considered rare to find in coffee flavors. This coffee simply elevates the coffee drinker experience and will not turn their back on specialty coffee.

The Producer

Being a coffee producer is something that has been running in Maria Ospina's blood. Since she was a kid, her grandparents and parents spent lots of time on the coffee farm, taking care of the coffee tree, harvesting, and processing the coffee. Her childhood was full of memories of the coffee farm, from tasting fresh cherries to helping with farm chores.

Once she graduated from university, Maria came back to her hometown and took over the coffee farm from her family. Under the guidance of Danila Perez at Alma Del Huila, she begins to deep dive into the specialty coffee world, learning more about coffee fermentation, roasting, and evaluating coffee quality. This is a major step for her as a coffee producer to be a competent coffee producer who understands their own product and market demand.

Together with Alma Del Huila, Maria carried out exciting processing methods that helped increase the coffee quality and value. We bought two lots of coffee, a 192 natural anaerobic and 120 natural anaerobic—that possess spectacular cup quality. Maria Ospina’s coffee is a testament to her dedication and perseverance as a specialty coffee producer.

    • Cupping Score 88.00pts

      guava, prunes, rose syrup, watermelon, sandalwood

      dried berries, guava, raisin, cocoa, pomelo

      almond, juniper, grape, prune, whiskey, pink guava, gula melaka, winey, raisin, french rose petal

      winey finishing, rose aroma aftertaste

      medium high | phosphoric acidity, winey, complex, clean

      medium low | juicy, clean

      layering, depth, progressive, complex, well balance, structured

      complex, mix of fragrance wood sensation, delicate winey sensation and intense fruity tropical fruits flavour
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