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Morning Glory

Ethiopia has a very dynamic landscape for sourcing coffee. From political, geographic, and ecnomic perspectives, it is a coffee-growing region that presents a set of challenges to directly sourcing the finest-grade coffee. Working together with Falcon Coffee, we have access to some of the rarest coffee selections from Ethiopia. This is one of our goals when we are working on sustainable trade coffee.

Gerba Dogo is a washing station located in East Guji, and we have been buying coffee from this station for more than 2 years. Most of the coffee comes from 220 smallholder farmers around the washing station who grow it under native shade trees. The coffee was laid out and dried on an African raised bed for almost 18–21 days. During the drying phase, cherries will be spread on this layer, and unripe cherries will be sorted out. The coffee is regularly rotated to ensure even drying.

G1 is referring to almost zero defects in green bean quality, which translate to the quality of the finest natural Ethiopian coffee in the cupping session. Gerba Dogo G1 has delicate flavours such as cantaloupe, melon, citrus, sunflower seed, dill, sage, red grape, and English breakfast tea. It is a very gentle coffee with a soft acidity and creamy body. The tasting experience raised the expectations of coffee lovers for enjoying specialty coffee.

The Story

Shonora was established 30 years ago by Mr. Shonora Gata, with a wet coffee processing station in Sakicha and a farm near the town of Gerba. In the past three years, Gata’s two sons Adugna and Morkata have taken over the station, overseeing various changes and improvements such as expanding the station and updating machinery. The station now processes coffee cherries from up to 150 local growers, on farms that range in size from 0.5-8 hectares and are located at between 2,100 and 2,300masl.

The producers in this area have faced various challenges over recent years, with labour costs making the traditional way of harvesting more expensive, plus a lack of fixed cherry prices making forward-planning and transportation issues difficult. Shonora has addressed these problems through investing in improved transport infrastructure, as well as providing interest-free advance payments to the larger farms to help with harvest costs. Each year, Shonora rewards farmers who supply the best cherries to the station, creating an incentive to strengthen their relationships. The lots are named after the producers.

    • Cupping Score 86.50pts

      milk chococlate, orange blossom, honeydew, mango pudding, melon, vanilla, oatmilk, ginger

      grilled orange, marmalade, orange blossom, caramel, lemongrass syrup, english breakfast tea, elderflower

      black tea, black cherry, cacao powder, cantaloupe, melon, citrus, sunflower, peach, dill, lavender

      black tea, fruity finishing

      medium | citrus, gentle, soft, balance

      medium | smooth, creamy

      clean flavour, high flavour clarity, structured, well balance, organized

      smooth, delicate and elegant fal
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