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The Pacamara

The specialty coffee is full of undiscovered excitement that can sometimes be found in basic things such as coffee varietal. Especially when it comes to Arabica species, which has been the centre focus of the specialty world, it has generated multiple topics in the coffee discussion. Such as how coffee flavour is mainly shaped by the type of coffee varietal grown in coffee origin.

One of the exotic varieties that caught our attention as specialty coffee roasters is Pacamara. This coffee not only has a big, oval-shaped bean but also has outstanding quality that almost captures the nuance of a complete Arabica family coffee taste. Made from a cross hybrid between Pacas from the Bourbon line and Maragogype from Typica, Pacamara dominates with its bright citrus acidity, bold, chocolaty body, and herbal aftertaste.

Depending on which region it is grown in, Pacamara adapts to local nature and develops a terroir taste profile while maintaining its own signature taste. This lot from Las Moritas Farm was beautifully done, as the washed process highlighted the Pacamara varietal quality and also the terroir character. The big cherry fruitiness, apple and pineapple tart acidity, chunky chocolate body, and clean finishing showcase how Pacamara stands out as a superior coffee varietal.

The Producer

Don Higinio and his wife Doña Aura bought their first small plot of land in 1988, naming it San José Las Moritas. Before the purchase of Las Moritas, tomatoes, beans, potatoes and corn were grown on the land. Las Moritas would be the first of many farms Don Higinio would acquire over the years. The first coffee seeds planted here were given to Don Higinio from his father. They began with less than a hectare of land, planting bourbon varietals and small trees.

These parcels of land that make up Las Moritas have red and yellow Bourbon, Pache, Pacamara, Castillo, Typica, Catuaí, Caturra, and a dozen other rare varietals. In total, Las Moritas has 70 Hectares of land with 56 hectares devoted to coffee. The farm consists of planes, hills, mountains, and even cliffs that the workers somehow manage to harvest. The soil is different in each area, influenced by the crop that was cultivated there before. Las Moritas delivered around 4,860,000 pounds of cherry to Beneficio La Esperanza in last year’s harvest.

The yearly harvest begins on the first day of November in the lowest areas of land and finishes in April in the highest parts of Las Moritas. Las Moritas is a mixture of old varieties growing in a chaotic layout as well as newly planted varieties in neatly planned rows. Plants of all ages can be found throughout Las Moritas. Renovations are based on selective pruning as well as replanting new coffee in place of dead plants. Due to the dry climate, an irrigation system has been put in place consisting of reservoirs that pour water into tubes that run between the lots of coffee using gravity to spread water to the plants.

    • Cupping Score 87.50pts

      toffee, dark chocolate, cherry, red apple, ground cherry, passionfruit, melon, honeycomb, almond

      watermelon, coffee blossom, wild flower, honeysuckle, jasmine

      groundcherry, red apple, sweet chocolate, blueberry, pineapple, citrus, stone fruits, guava

      clean, long, slick

      medium high | citrus acidity, cherry, pineapple, bright, tartaric, juicy

      medium | juicy, balance, solid, almond

      pointed, structured, high flavour clarity, well balance

      bright and fruity coffee with solid and delicate texture
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